Big Brothers Big Sisters

I have been so blessed to have people in my life who have sacrificed their time, knowledge, and other valuable resources to help me reach my dreams. In retrospect, I realize now more than ever the importance of having positive mentors in your life while growing up. It gives you motivation, and you are inspired because you are witnessing someone whose been where you are, but because of hard work ethic, dedication, faith, and a firm belief in themselves, they were able to overcome adversity and accomplish their goals.

This is why I so passionately support the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. During my time as a big brother, I have not only had the opportunity to be an inspiration to my “little” but also learn so much from him. He’s taught me so much about life. Every time I have the opportunity to see him, it puts everything into perspective. I hope that our relationship continues to grow to where I can witness him accomplish his dreams one day.




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