In My Mind

Externally there is often an overwhelming display of silence
Blocking the point of view that depicts the way I see the world in my eyes
The vision of my purpose here on this Earth charges like electricity through me deep
Often times eliminating the ability and want of a good night’s sleep

Where there is no pain, there is no gain
Is the mindset that envelopes my mind when there seems to be no one there
Or I envision the cross that Jesus had to carry when my burdens seem too hard to bare

My life is a puzzle, full of pieces that have been lost and then found
Embarking on a quest to find the place in which it fits
The uncertainty of it all wears on me heavily, much more than I would ever admit

This journey is leading me to fulfill my destiny to create something much bigger than me. The path is so evident, so clear in His eyes even when I cannot see
Insecurity from just being human causes me to second guess my future and where everything falls in line. But His gentle voice reminds me that it is all in his plan and that I will see it in time

Dr. King’s saving grace was his faith which gave him the courage to lead a nation to a site unseen, which eventually led to Obama bringing to life the vision of him having a dream
True dreamers and visionaries make declarations that always come to past
They are able to overcome the adversity, trials and tribulations no matter how long they may last

From the flooded basement of a stranger’s house, to the recollection of life chronicles from a chicken coup, to the invisibility of not seeing my own self, to the ins and outs of depression, to the pain of being misunderstood, to the scars from abandonment, to the sorrows of what has been lost, to the hope of what is to one day be found, to the pressures of non-contentment, to the life memoirs in a journal transformed into a hook and a melody, to the little me who walks the streets of NYC. I am me.

And I am just getting started.

One thought on “In My Mind

  1. Liz Mercier says:

    You are a brilliant thinker and person, Jay. I have been inspired by you since the moment we met in my Latin class. Every good wish for continued success as you figure out where your next steps lead. I will always be a staunch supporter on you way.


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